Monday, 21 January 2013

"Awake, But Weary..."

Here's a little poem that I came up with today. I don't often write poetry, because I don't put myself to it enough. But once in a while, I'll have some inspiration, and I'm able to come up with something fairly nice (if I may be so presumptuous as to say so myself... Oh dear gracious. Doth that pestilent pride assault me yet again?) I wrote this one because I felt like writing something about being tired, because... well, I was tired. And it turned into a poetic reflection on life. Enjoy.

"Awake, But Weary..."
by The Maestro

Awake, but weary, tired, fatigued,
I stagger on, for many a league.
The call of sleep grows stronger now;
Great drops of sweat fall from my brow.

I yawn a yawn a canyon wide.
Too long to earth have I been tied.
My steps drag slower, day by day,
And life continues to waste away.

This life’s a desert, endless, great;
Its end I much anticipate.
There is no water, pond, or lake,
From which I may a drink intake.

Alas, alas, that I were dead!
The crown of glory on my head!
Reward for endless suff’rings borne,
Through rock and crag and sandy storm.

I must accept, ‘tis not my time.
This upward stair I still must climb.
But in due course, my peace I’ll gain,
And sing in heav’n with glad refrain!

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