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Wisdom is never fully attained in this life. We have now but a mere foretaste, a glimpse through a dark veil, a cloud of mist. We are travelers on a quest; we seek to attain this treasure of inestimable value, wisdom. By the grace of God through His Holy Church, and the knowledge of the faith which she provides to us, we hope to succeed in the attainment of this goal. By the guidance of the many teachers whom God has seen fit to send to us, we will find our way along these lonely paths, in the hopes of coming at last to our blessed destination. Among our teachers, principal place is given to the Magisterium of the Holy Catholic Church, and the immortal tradition bequeathed to her care. We believe this tradition of Holy Church to be embodied especially in the gift of the Sacred Liturgy, which God has given us for a revelation of Himself and his wisdom, by which we are commanded to "be wise unto sobriety, and according as God hath divided unto everyone the measure of faith" (Romans 12:3). Among our teachers, we look most especially to the Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas, as a guide for our studies - in whose words "the pursuit of wisdom is more perfect, more noble, more useful, and more full of joy" (Summa Contra Gentiles). Persevering in faith, hope, and charity, and enlightened by the Holy Spirit, we look forward to the day when, at long last, we shall have not a mere foretaste, but the complete possession of Wisdom itself, in the intuitive vision of the Divine Essence, to our own eternal happiness, and the greater glory of God.

The reader may expect herein to find written reflections upon matters pertaining to traditional Catholic theology, spirituality, and especially liturgy, as well as philosophical reflections, poetry, and many passages of wisdom from the saints and spiritual writers of Catholic tradition. Let it be known that I am no true authority on any of the matters about which I will write on this blog. I am not a philosopher, theologian, or liturgist (yet), even if I hope to become one in the future. This blog is simply a record, as it were, of one particular soul's efforts on the path to wisdom. This blog shall merely be a record of my endeavors to understand what lies before me. If there be any semblance of error, or impiety, or any other folly contained therein, I pray God have mercy on my soul.

About Me

Here, I call myself The Maestro. 'Tis a joke of a name, admittedly, in which I hope there be not read any shade of presumptuous character or excessive esteem of self for having attributed to myself such a name - though certainly there is no want of such defects in my person... But this aside, look you to my profile (linked), in which I hope you find a more sufficient introduction to myself.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

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