Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Desire for Eternal Life

"It is said that there is in Purgatory a special suffering, called the pain of languishing, for those souls who, while on earth, had little desire for Heaven. This is as it should be, for one shows small appreciation for the beautiful and eternal kingdom which Our Redeemer purchased for us by His death if he desires it but little. Therefore, Loving Souls, never forget to sigh often for Heaven, while saying to your God that it seems as if a thousand years separate you from the day on which you will see and love Him face to face. Develop a great longing to leave this land of exile, this place full of sin and fraught with danger of losing His divine grace: a great longing to come to that land of love where you will love Him with all your strength." 
-- St. Alphonsus Liguori

"My child, when you feel the desire for everlasting happiness poured out upon you from above, and when you long to depart out of the tabernacle of the body that you may contemplate My glory without threat of change, open wide your heart and receive this holy inspiration with all eagerness. Give deepest thanks to the heavenly Goodness which deals with you so understandingly, visits you so mercifully, stirs you so fervently, and sustains you so powerfully lest under your own weight you sink down to earthly things. For you obtain this not by your own thought or effort, but simply by the condescension of heavenly grace and divine regard."
-- Thomas Kempis

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