Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Plea of Friendship

Perhaps one of the worst things in the world is to lose a good friend to the snares of sin which Satan sets.  It is a terrible thought that this friend of yours might end up in hell, that this friend no longer shares with you the love of God which should be the bond and foundation of your friendship. So along these lines I've written the following poem. Enjoy... that is, if it be the type of poem to induce enjoyment.

The Plea of Friendship
by The Maestro

Thou wert my friend before, indeed,
But now thou turn’st away—
Away from God; thou wilt not heed
His word, but go astray.

Come back, my friend! Where dost thou go,
Forsaking good for ill?
Dost thou not see this wrong and woe,
That thou defy God’s will?

Alas, the tears for thee I shed!
For so it seems to me
That thou art lost, that thou art dead—
I cannot think on thee!

Too much, the thought of thee in hell;
Alas, my broken heart!
I beg that thou not choose to sell
Thy soul to Satan’s art!

Thou wert God’s friend before, indeed---
Methought that thou wert true;
But now to pay His will no heed
Incurs His wrath on you.

I pray that one day thou shalt see
Th’obedience that God craves.
I pray that God will have on thee
Such mercy as will save.

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