Sunday, 31 March 2013

An Easter Song

Another bit of my poetry for Easter. This one is a more joyful poem, rather in contrast to my others... Enjoy.

An Easter Song
by The Maestro

Lo! He rises from the grave,
Humanity redeemed and saved,
Death o’erthrown and life restored—
Behold and see thy risen Lord!

Christ, who died a wretched death,
Arising from abysmal depths,
Opens wide the gates on high—
And now is thy salvation nigh!

Crucified for us, and spurned,
Now hath our Lord the tables turned:
Demons cower at the sight
Of Christ, the God-Man, in His might!

Saints be made, and sin be damned:
Now enter ye the promised land!
Sin doth no more bonds impose:
Thou canst now find thy heart's repose.

Celebrate this Eastertide,
And lay thy dismal ways aside.
Sing a song now joyfully,
For Christ has risen, finally!

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