Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Teardrop

by The Maestro

A tear rolls slowly down a tender cheek,
A sign and symbol of the poor and weak,
But memories of former stronger years.
Such vast remembrance of a life gone by,
Once joyous, glad; but then, which went awry–
These thoughts contained within a single tear.

Its liquid state reflects a melting heart,
A wounded soul who’d fain from life depart,
A heart from which all shade of hope has gone.
Down it rolls, a liquid trail it leaves,
A trail which represents past memories.
And life continues onward, life so long.

A crystal of such small capacity,
Containing thoughts of such variety,
Such feelings, cares, as would depression bring.
Such painful loss; ‘tis followed next by grief;
The loss of love, of dear ones, and of peace–
Such thoughts contained within so small a thing.

But all is not yet lost; so dry your face.
There’s hope that you’ll yet make it through this race.
The past is left behind; the future’s bright.
You need not weep for what has not yet come,
Provided that, of hope, you still have some.
Fear not; and God will surely make things right.

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