Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Lenten Poem

"Compassion" by Bouguereau
A Sonnet to the Sorrowful Jesus
by The Maestro

Let me mingle these, my tears, with Thine, 
Whose tears roll down Thy face’s cheeks so fine.
Let me share my sorrows, Lord, with Thee – 
And, too, Thy sorrows, prithee, share with me.
Let me know the love between us twain,
Who, lovers true, do share each other’s pain.
Let compassion, common, given be;
And thus shall I the love between us see.

Let me walk along, O Lord, with Thee,
Along the paths of this Gethsemane;
Let me be condemned with Thee and whipped,
And of the cup of sorrow take my sip; 
Let me wear Thy holy crown of thorns,
Along with Thee endure the soliders’ scorns.
Let me wear Thy shameful scarlet cloak,
And let me hear the words that Pilate spoke.

Let me, Lord, embrace the cross with Thee,
And bear it by Thy side to Calvary. 
Let my hands, like Thine, be nailed down,
And let my grievous wailing cries resound.
Let me, nailed upon the cross, be raised,
And hear the tumult of the crowd’s dispraise.
Let me, Lord, with Thee be crucified,
And for Thee die, just as for me You died. Amen.

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