Wednesday, 9 August 2017

I've moved.

I will not be blogging at this site anymore. I felt that the theme and history of this blog, which I began as a naive high-schooler in the first days of my pursuit of wisdom, needed to be left behind for better things. 

I have started another blog, however, more explicitly devoted to my own thoughts and reflections in philosophy. The new blog does, and will, have some things in common with this old one; reposts from this blog may show up there someday. But the theme and direction of that blog is different, simpler, and, I think, better - more mature and learned, to be sure. I am transitioning from student to scholar, from college to graduate school; my pursuit of wisdom is gaining some traction that it did not have before.

Thanks to the few readers who enjoyed this blog; hope you enjoy the next one better! 

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