Wednesday, 5 March 2014

J.S. Bach - St. Matthew's Passion

This is probably one of Bach's greatest masterpieces. It is one of two Passion settings which he composed, the other being of the account from St. John's Gospel - also a masterpiece. The depth and beauty of Bach's music cannot be overstated.


  1. I remember attending a performance of Bach's St Matthew's Passion at the Sheldonian in Oxford. I paid £23 for my ticket and got it weeks in advance (one of the last three or so seats). The concert was during the break before Trinity term, so I thought staying out late would not hamper me in the least. Oh was I wrong. The Sheldonian was hot as a greenhouse and the endless German solos tired all present until we felt as though we had sat through a train ride between Kansas and Nebraska. It was that dull. Half those present left at intermission. I waited it out another half hour. I remain open minded about the piece though, that the setting and performance were at fault and not Bach!

  2. Except it's sung in German with a Lutheran "translation" of the "Bible", right?…