Friday, 3 May 2013

Devotion is Not Always Sweet

This is a theme that I've encountered more and more in my spiritual reading: that spiritual devotion is not always accompanied by the sweetness of consolations. In devotion, there are often times when we do not even feel devout, when we do not feel as if we love God enough or even at all, and when we feel unhelped by His grace. Devotion can, indeed, be a most bitter trial to the soul. And yet, for all its bitterness, it is always worth the trouble, infinitely more worth it than we could ever imagine. We have to be willing to undergo the spiritual trials which come with devoting ourselves to God, for it is the only way to spiritual perfection, union with God. These are thoughts that have often been on my mind lately, and so I've composed the following poem about it.

The Trial of Devotion
by The Maestro

Devotion is not always sweet,
Nor grace an everlasting treat.
‘Tis sometimes bitter, filled with strife,
The fight to live a holier life.
‘Tis sometimes dull and cold and dry,
No matter how I try and try.
I often lack the warmth of love,
Of consolation from above.
Distractions bar me from my prayers,
While God doth make himself seem scarce.
Temptations from all sides assail,
And I to fight them often fail.
Despair seeks entrance to my soul,
As I confront my hellish Foe.

But in the end I shall be blessed
With everlasting happiness,
If I but only persevere
In hope and loving patience here.
For God abandons not His child,
Nor leaves him to the savage wild,
But always grants him help and grace,
No matter how it hides its face.
Support He ne’er doth cease to give,
But stays as long I do live,
Till, after I endure this strife,
I shall attain eternal life.
To God the Father, glory be,
To Son and Ghost eternally!


  1. Devotion without consolation is often a trial to melancholics, according to Rev. Conrad Hock in The Four Tempermants (and as I know from experience). But We can suffer with Christ in Gethsemene, to rise with Him in glory.
    P.S. I enjoyed your poem!

  2. Very true indeed. (I'm also heavily melancholic.) Thanks for commenting. :)