Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My Hope is in the Lord

I've posted this before, but because I haven't posted any of my poetry for a while, and because I've slightly modified this one, I'm reposting it. This poem is very much influenced by the works of Catholic spirituality which I have read - writers like Francis de Sales, John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux, Dom Lehodey, Dom Cassuade, and others. We are taught the virtue of hope, and of abandonment to divine providence - a virtue which is tested and strengthened by trials and sufferings of all kinds. This is the theme of the following poem.

My Hope is in the Lord

Though storms and earthquakes rage around,
And heavens roar with thunderous sound;
Though mountains move and sea o’erflow,
And life be fraught with endless woe,
My hope is in the Lord.

Though wars be fought and death be dealt,
And endless desolation felt;
Though famine strike and plagues abound,
And illness spread itself around,
My hope is in the Lord.

Though all the world should turn on me,
And friends should call me enemy;
Though loved ones’ love be turned to hate,
And evils endless touch my fate,
My hope is in the Lord.

Though darkness should my soul enshroud,
A hopeless, dense, and murky cloud;
Though dryness should my soul oppress,
And cast me into sore distress,
My hope is in the Lord.

Though God should all my wants deny,
And all intentions turn awry;
Although my heart be cleaved in twain
And I cannot my tears restrain,
My hope is in the Lord.

Though Satan stare me in the face,
And tempt me from the state of grace;
Though I, indeed, fall into sin,
And all the guilt well up within,
My hope is in the Lord.

Though I a wretched sinner be,
The worst that man did ever see;
Though hell itself before me loom,
And demons urge me to my doom,
My hope is in the Lord.

In every trial may God be praised,
And I my broken voice upraise,
Through sobs and tears to glorify
The God who loves me from on high:
My hope is in the Lord.

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